I’ve started to learn in my growing age (hahaha) that things can really get done when you’re motivated, have the time, and not hungover. I love a great a night out just as much as the rest of them, but this past weekend was damn near perfect and it didn’t include a night out at the bars. Corrin and I are preparing for a big weekend coming up, so we were in agreement that a chill weekend was definitely in the books. However, we did so much more than just “chill.”

Enter productivity.

Friday after work we made a trip to Trader Joe’s, which is always an adventure since the closest one to us is in Center City Philadelphia and always insane. Our plan was to take our time, pick out some good produce and food for this week, and maybe gather some new fun TJ finds. Plans changed when the line was wrapped around the store – literally. So, one person got in line and the other would gather the goods, then we would switch. The rest of the night was spent on the couch watching Amy Shumer stand up and a movie.

Saturday began our day of real productivity. It started with a run for me, then a walk with Corrin to a local dog shelter that she started volunteering for. We picked up a pup and took him to a park to run around for about an hour.



Next up: IKEA, Home Depot, and a few other errands before coming back home to meet with her friend who is an electrician – he came by to install our lights!

While back at home, we managed to install a rod in one of my closets and I hung a few shelves – finally my room is starting to come together.

IMG_7952 IMG_7957

My closet(s) have a long way to go, but it’s a start until her dad can come out and fix up the wall in one of the corners. For now, my clothes will still be staying in the guest room. Once the room is more complete, I will definitely share full pictures – for now, just pieces.

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning, painting the basement steps, and then relaxing on the couch with another movie – I fell asleep at approximately 9pm on the couch.

Sunday started with a walk to get coffee with a few of Corrin’s friends from Crossfit. I was excited to meet some new people and get a little exercise in at the same time (and get coffee). By the time we got back, Corrin’s friend was at the house ready to finish up the electric work! Now we have living room lights and a front porch light.. it’s the little things.


While he worked and Corrin cleaned, I food prepped! On the menu: hardboiled eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, zoodles, and turkey meatballs.


Oh, and pre-portioned almonds for snacks. The turkey meatballs were delicious. I roughly followed this recipe I found on Pinterest, but threw in some spinach and some of my own spices.

Once all the hard work was done, we owed Brian dinner and some beers after all he did for us, so we walked over to a bar nearby to watch the football games. I thoroughly enjoyed a burger and fries – my biggest meal in 2 weeks since starting the 21 Day Fix, and didn’t regret one single bite.

The night ended with some candles in the fireplace, “watching” the Eagles game (aka sitting there on our phones and chatting), and then we headed to sleep early.


This going weekend is going to be so much fun – our college friends are coming to visit and we have a lot of fun activities planned. I can’t wait to see everyone all together again – it’s going to be one for the books!

Happy Monday, friends!


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