A Bury Reunion

As I may have mentioned last week, this weekend was a planned reunion weekend with most of my closest girl friends from college! We always try to plan a weekend to get together at least 1-2 times a month with all of us there and since Corrin’s new house needed to be shown off and we are in the middle of everyone, Philly was the meeting place! We had so many fun activities planned and I was practically skipping out of work with excitement.


Friday night the girls started to arrive around 6:30. Corrin and I had made up some chicken in the crockpot for tacos and had a bunch of snacks laid out when they arrived. Three of the Bury girls were there for Friday night, one came down Saturday morning and the other who lives in Philly but had some family things, met up with us Saturday too. The night consisted of sitting around the table chatting, catching up, eating lots of snacks, drinking lots of wine, and playing a little Heads Up. Corrin’s cousin came over too, with her roommate and two other friends. It was such a great night – I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Sometimes a chill girls night is just what you need when you haven’t seen people in awhile!


Saturday started bright and early, because none of us know how to sleep in. We headed out to grab coffee and ended up walking over to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. We had some time to kill before brunch and a long walk was exactly what we needed. Soon enough, our two other friends arrived and we headed out to brunch!

We went to a small place that is walking distance from our house – we weren’t looking to do bottomless drinks or anything crazy because we had plans for later in the afternoon, but brunch is always a good idea in my book. I didn’t really take any pictures, I was just enjoying the company and the food!

After brunch, we had a few hours to kill before our plans for the day, so naturally we decided that going to the bar was a great idea. Our plans were a little out of the box, and we didn’t know what to expect, so getting some drinks flowing didn’t seem like a bad a idea. In hindsight… Thank goodness I was drunk, because otherwise it would have been a terrifying experience.

So what exactly did we have planned, you ask?? Before I tell you, there’s one thing you should probably know about my roommate: She is slightly obsessed with Beyonce. Also, we all really like to dance when we go out.. it’s always the main thing we base our going out destination on – can we dance there? So naturally, when Corrin stumbled across this article and the date happened to be reunion weekend, it seemed like fate.

Yes. We attended a Beyonce Twerkshop. And yes, all the twerking, booty popping, body rolling you are imagining – that happened. However… this article says you don’t need dance experience (I don’t think our alcohol fueled dancing counts as experience, unfortunately).. We were wrongly led. This class was hard. If I wasn’t drunk during the class, I would have hated every second. We couldn’t keep up with the teacher, they didn’t really explain the steps, they just did it and expected us to follow. So our corner of 9 girls were basically just making up our own things for an hour and a half. So there’s that.


Saturday night was fun, as always. We headed out to the bars after getting home and getting ready after the Twerkshop. We mainly stayed at one bar in Center City, but went across the street at the end of the night to see one of my friend’s friends who bartends at the bar.


It’s always a fun time being with these girls. It makes me wish we all lived closer together, but I wouldn’t trade these reunion weekends for anything. There is just something different about your college friends that is hard to describe, and I am so thankful for each of these girl’s friendship.


Sunday started out on the rough side for a few of us. I was up and cleaning the kitchen by 8am – going down to tortillas stuck to my counter wasn’t pleasant. Eventually we got our lives together and made it over to the stadiums to tailgate the Eagle’s game. Corrin had tickets to the game with her sister, so I just went to tailgate then took a Lyft back home. We only live about 2.5 miles from the stadiums and it’s a straight shot down one road – it’s pretty convenient.

I ran errands after tailgating, then parked myself on the couch and didn’t move until I moved up to my bed, at 8pm, where I am now typing this up.

Being a big introvert at heart, weekends like this really take a lot out of me. I get so physically and mentally drained after so much social interaction. My legs were swollen all day today, my face is all puffy, I’m physically so exhausted and I cannot wait to sleep. Laying on the couch all day was exactly what I needed. And now, I’m off to bed. Sorry for the lack of pictures – I was just enjoying being with my best friends and wasn’t too concerned about picture taking.

Happy Monday, everyone!


4 thoughts on “A Bury Reunion

  1. What a fun weekend! I am totally with you, sometimes when I’m “extra” social, I find myself especially exhausted come Sunday evening. This past weekend I was out and about a ton and found myself quite content in bed alone watching the Giants game last night. Finally able to relax and get ready for the week ahead! Have a fabulous Monday 🙂

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