Photo Dump

Whoa. It’s been a long time since we’ve chatted. Life has been busy. But it’s also been lazy, and it’s been fun, and it’s been exciting, and it’s been crazy. And honestly, I don’t even know where to start so I think a photo dump is the best option at this point. There are definitely things that deserve longer posts like my trip to NYC and how work is going and how life in Philly is going – but those will come in time. Maybe. Full time job + full time blogging is hard work. So without further ado… the dumping of my iCloud on to your computer screen for your viewing pleasure.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Corrin and I took a walking tour (self-tour) of Philly and my best friend Hana visited for a night! We also watched the Philly Marathon pass our house.

IMG_8002IMG_7999 (1)





Thanksgiving was spent with Corrin’s family since I had to work on Black Friday and it was awesome. We went for a walk. Ate a ton of food. And took naps:

IMG_8008 IMG_8014

I went home after Thanksgiving and saw my family – including these sweet boys:


Corrin flocked our tree and we decorated for Christmas!

IMG_8048 IMG_8051

My car hit 100,000 miles. #100KClub


I went to NYC for the first time ever with all of my best friends and it was overwhelming but amazing.

IMG_8071 IMG_8067


IMG_8063 IMG_8079

I got an adult coloring book at my work’s White Elephant and I’m so obsessed with it.

IMG_8098 IMG_8096

And as I write this, I’m slightly tipsy from the above seen bottle of wine that I finished while coloring in said coloring book. Things are getting wild here, as I type this on a Friday night, as you can tell. Is this what a month from 27 look like? Cause if it does, I like it.

Tomorrow, Saturday, I shall be social. But for now, I’m signing off and leaving you with this selfie of me and Ben. The bridge, that is.



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