Holiday Housewarming

This past weekend, Corrin and I had our housewarming party! While Corrin has been in the house since August and I moved in the beginning of October, the house has been sort of under construction the whole time (and continues to be “under construction” with a few projects left to be completed). So we waited a bit until the house was feeling more homey before doing a housewarming.


Of course, being the holidays, we naturally had to have an Ugly Sweater gathering. But we also changed things up a bit a requested that the guests bring canned foods and non-perishables as an entrance fee to get in. Every year, Corrin’s uncle volunteers to help feed the homeless for the holidays so we wanted to recruit our friends to help out and make a box of goods!


Success! Saturday during the day we just hung out and prepped foods for the festivities! I baked some cookies and made turtle buttons which were a huge hit.


And before we knew it, we were sitting around patiently waiting for our guests to arrive!

All the cheese.



Corrin threw together the specialty drink which was a huge hit and so easy! She chopped up cucumbers and tossed cranberries in the container then poured a handle of vodka in it. For three days it sat in our fridge, infusing. Right before the party we poured in two bottles of seltzer and a little sprite and voila! Signature drink of the night. It was pretty strong and required a bit of a mixer, but it was gone by the end of the night!


People slowly started to come in around 9 o’clock and the party didn’t stop until around 2 when the last of the guests left. It was so much fun chatting with everyone and just hanging out with close friends. I’m lucky that all of Corrin’s friends have been so awesome in making me feel comfortable, being the new girl and all. Her friends are slowly but surely becoming my friends too, which is really great and makes me feel better about tagging along all the time.

IMG_3293 10366320_10205890001112797_802327066327309035_n

Sunday consisted of brunch at Knock with a few friends, laying around on the couch, and then tailgating the Eagles-Cardinals game! It was a jam packed weekend but so much fun! I missed out on our annual gingerbread house tradition with my friends from home which made me a little homesick, but I was glad that I was kept busy here in Philly to keep my mind off it.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in just a few days! I have a few more little things to pick up for my parents, but other than that my shopping is complete! I’ll be heading up Thursday after work and will be home until Sunday – I’m really excited to spend some time with my family and hopefully I will get a chance to see my friends too! It is a much needed little break before the New Year… My year in review post will be up sometime within the next week, so be on the look out. 🙂


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