2015: My Year In Review

If I had to give 2015 a score on a scale of 0-10… 0 being the worst year of my life, 10 being the best year thus far in life– I would have to give it a 9.5. So many incredible and huge moments happened this year and I just thought I would jump back to January 2015 and take a peek in to a few highlights!


I experienced my first Philadelphia New Years with the Mummers – little did I know how I would be spending this New Year in a similar situation, only living here now!


My birthday celebration was a ton of fun and I was so thankful to have so many people come celebrate 26 with me! We went to brunch at our favorite local bar and continued the drinking festivities through the night. Not only did I get to celebrate with classmates, but also my best friends from home!




I finished my second clinical and headed to Alajuela, Costa Rica for a two week mission trip with 32 of my closest friends, peers and colleagues. You can read about my reviews from my trip here, here, here, here and here.


This trip changed my life. It was emotional, it was physically and mentally taxing, it was humbling, it brought my class closer, and it was the most eye opening, incredible experience that I ever could have imagined.


The two weeks spent with these patients were two of the hardest weeks in my clinical experience. We worked long days in the hot sun, with patients whom we could hardly communicate with, for multiple reasons, but you could see the change in each individual we worked with in such a short amount of time. It was heart-breaking, knowing that the care they receive in Costa Rica isn’t nearly what they should be receiving, just due to the differences in health care in the U.S., but knowing how much we helped them was an amazing feeling to have everyday leaving the facilities.


After the two week mission trip, a bunch of us stayed behind and spent Spring Break in Manuel Antonio. Four days of no rules, no schedules, no one to report to, nothing but the sun, your best friends, and a lot of beers.




The rest of March was spent studying hardcore for my comprehensive exams


April was filled with a lot of studying – I’m talking 10 hour days in the library and with study groups trying to cram everything in my brain that I’ve learned over the past three years. We had our final comprehensive exams and celebrated properly once we finished!


With comps done, graduation pending and research projects almost complete, we had a lot of free time on our hands. This led us to explore DC and the surrounding area with lots of site seeing and hikes!

IMG_6271 IMG_6171 IMG_6270


This month brought probably the biggest event to happen in my life thus far – I graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy! I was hooded…


And I walked on the same stage that I walked across 8 years prior getting my high school diploma, this time getting my graduate degree, at Constitution Hall in D.C.

IMG_6595 IMG_6581

A special part of this weekend was that my grandfather was able to come down from Maine to see me graduate. This was really special to me because of how much it meant to my Mom. My grandmother was an occupational therapist – a field very close to mine – and she passed away last year. I know how proud my family is of me, but I could feel the pride beaming from my grandfather that weekend and I was so happy he could share that moment with me.


Other things in May: Camping in Shenandoah and my graduation party!

IMG_6347 IMG_6439


At this point I was a few weeks in to my final clinical at NRH working with neuro patients and loving every second of it. For the second year in a row, a few great friends and I went to see the National Symphony Orchestra play the chords to Back To The Future.


But the highlight of June was the celebration of Sarah at her bachelorette party! We went down to Virginia Beach and had such an amazing weekend!



July was a blur. Any free time that I had was spent studying for boards. And I didn’t have much free time. I managed to make it to Chelsea’s mom’s house one weekend for a much needed relaxing pool party with friends and drinks.


I took boards at the end of the month and crushed them. So afterwards, I grabbed Chipotle and a case of beer and sat by the pool all day in celebration.



August started out with Chelsea’s housewarming party!


She moved in to DC and I was so happy to be able to help break in the new apartment with our typical drunken shenanigans ;-).

And August ended with Sarah’s wedding!


I was so thankful to be apart of her special day and it was absolutely perfect. The weather was amazing, she looked stunning, per usual, and the party lasted all night – can’t ask for much more!


Through my job search and my time between graduating and work – I managed to have a couple of fun weekends, including Olivia’s engagement party!

IMG_7443 IMG_7442

At the end of the month, B turned ONE!


AND.. I got a job!


On October 3rd, I moved to Philadelphia to begin my journey as a new physical therapist! This was such a huge step for me to move out of my comfort area (out of the DMV), but it has been such a good thing. You can’t ask for much better when you’re moving in with one of your best friends.


IMG_7677 IMG_7781

This month I also started my job! I am working as a resource traveler PT for a company where I travel between each of their hospitals, outpatient facilities, and eventually in homecare, as well. It was a smooth transition from being a student to being a licensed PT, but everyone I worked with help make it great.

I also ran the Baltimore Half Marathon this month, but it was my worst race, and I don’t feel like reliving it again, so there’s that.


November brought a Salisbury girls weekend! All of our closest soccer girls came up to visit and we had a great weekend catching up and doing what we do best. (Taking pictures is not one of what we do best… we took two.)

IMG_7978 IMG_7981

November also consisted of a walking tour of Philly with Corrin one weekend – which according to my FitBit was about 24,000 steps.


And of course Thanksgiving festivities with my roommates family, and then with my family a bit late.


December started with my first ever trip to NYC! I know, crazy.

IMG_8065 IMG_8071


We had our housewarming party this month, and of course, enjoyed the holidays at home with friends and family!



And now here I am, typing this up after a solid weekend at home with the fam. This year was seriously one to beat. So many amazing things happened and I learned so much about perseverance, stepping out of your comfort zones, and that everything truly does happen for a reason.

2016 has a lot to live up to, but I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Happy New Year and be safe in whatever you do to celebrate tonight!


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