Weekend Highlights

Oh, it’s Monday again already? Time sure does fly when you don’t want it to, huh. This weekend was much needed. It was filled with a few of my very favorite things: solo time, exercise, time with friends, and Netflix. Here are a few highlights:

Friday night was the least exciting of them all. After work I headed to the gym for some speed work that I had been putting off all week. I’m at a new hospital right now that is not close to any gym – it is the only hospital that is further out there compared to the others and annoyingly long to get to from home. Seeing as it was taking me an hour to get home all week, I kept putting off finding out which gym is most convenient – and yes, I did have a gym bag packed in my car all week that was only used once. Ya win some, ya lose some, ha! Well I finally discovered my best option was to split up my drive home and go to one half way home – perk: it’s next to Corrin’s work and my last hospital I have to soon orient too. Win!

That was a long tangent… Any who… Speed work included intervals on the dreadmill. I ended up finishing my 5K in 25 minutes and some change. Woo! I’m telling ya, speed work, dropping some LBs, and keeping up long distances has gotten me in the best shape ever – more on that in a second.

This gym in conveniently located next to a Target, so naturally I needed to go in and grab some unnecessary items. 🙂 The rest of Friday night was spent in bed with Netflix & coloring books, and watching the USWNT. Lights out at 10pm and I was snoozing soon after.


Saturday started at 7am, because I guess adulting means I don’t know how to sleep in anymore? I had plans for a 6 miler, but my legs were really feeling Friday’s run so I opted for an active rest day. After breakfast and coffee, I headed out to walk around the city and do little window shopping/browsing. I’m slowly starting to look for a dress for my brother’s wedding and so I popped in to a few boutiques and places in Center City.


I didn’t have much luck and ended up not buying a single thing, despite being out and about for nearly three hours. I did treat myself to an Insomnia Cookie, because, cookies. And I splurged on lunch at SweetGreen, because, salad. By the time I made it home, my FitBit told me I walked almost 6 miles. On my way back I passed Jim’s and the line was wrapped around the building, per usual.


I spent a few hours relaxing, then ventured to Ikea to pick up a stool for my vanity. I was getting tired of standing to do my hair and make up, so I caved and went with a cheap Ikea stool, which actually works perfectly!


Don’t mind my socks exploding from their home in the back there. Or the state of all my pillows in the mirror. Oops. Eventually I gathered myself out of my pajamas and got ready for the night!


I took this picture to send my sister because she gave me this shirt! It didn’t fit her and I’m sort of glad because I am loving it. It’s so comfy and you can dress it up or down! Saturday night was filled with some drinks, some friends and of course, some dancing. It was good to get out of the house (and my bed) for a bit and be social!

Sunday was filled with productivity! I was up at 7:45, because sleeping in is hard. And I hit the grocery store by 8:30. It was glorious to not have any lines! Eventually I dragged myself off the couch to get my 6 miles in…


I ended up doing 6.5, over the bridge to Camden, NJ and back. I felt amazing. I’m telling you guys, I’ve never felt like this with running before. My breathing feels smooth and controlled the entire run, I have negative splits!, and the only thing I feel in my legs are my calves – per usual, but I also need new shoes. But seriously, my pace is faster, my strides are smoother, everything about my running right now is on point… Goal: stay healthy!

The rest of Sunday was filled with meal prepping. On the menu: zoodles, brown rice, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and turkey meatballs.

IMG_8427 IMG_8428

I’m perfecting these meatballs every time I make them, which is quite often. They are perfect to put together with some veggies and a starch, and perfect to freeze and grab/throw in a container for lunches! On the menu for the week: one meat, one veggie and one starch in each container! Brown rice or sweet potatoes; 2 meatballs or chicken; zoodles or asparagus. Yogurts ready to go and Boom! Lunches done!


And finally, Sunday ended with foam rolling, Netflix-ing and mentally preparing for the week. This past week I was “orienting”, so I wasn’t doing much work. I don’t think I can get away with pretending like I’m lost this week, which means back to a full caseload. I was fully embracing my time “orienting” and keeping things light.

Look out for some posts coming up about my next round of 21 Day starting in March. I have some fun events coming up, including a bachelorette party in Florida and my brother’s wedding, which means I need to get fit and stay fit! Fitfam accountability in March, who’s with me?!

Happy Monday, friends.

Do you meal prep?


2 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights

  1. My wife and I popped into Philly on Saturday for a quick brunch and visit to the Rittenhouse farmers’ market. Weather was nice! We also love running in Philly. You should try the half marathon or marathon there in October. What an amazing race!

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