Day in the Life & WIAW

What better way to share my eats than with a Day in the Life? I haven’t done one of these in awhile so I thought you nosy people may enjoy a peek into my day to day life. Here we go!

5:17am Alarm goes off. Not happy about it and want to snooze.

5:19am Finally force my eyes open.

5:20-5:25am Stalk social media, check email, check weather, pay rent.

5:26am Contacts, brush teeth, wash face.

5:30-5:40am Drag back to my bedroom, throw on my scrubs (man, do I seriously love not having to pick out something to wear everyday.) Debate makeup, nope, not today. Pick out the headband of the day. #hospitallife

5:41am Start the coffee.

5:42am Realize I did zero dishes last night. Do them.

5:46am Start making my shake. Make shake.

5:48am Grab lunch box and throw in my already meal prepped things. Easy peasy!

5:52am Pour coffee. Grab top to shake. Set up #alltheliquids and snap this pic of breakfast:


Vega shake with half a banana, quarter cup of oats, tablespoon of chia seeds, cup of kale, ice and almond milk to get things moving. Along with a coffee with a splash of my new creamer discovery.

5:58am Out the door to my car. It’s colder than I thought. Let my car warm up while I listen to Blink 182 on the radio- throwback, for sure.

6:02-6:16am Head south on 95 and make my way towards work. Get annoyed with the commercials and put on my morning jam song: Rihanna – Work.

6:17-6:44am Keep on driving, I hate this commute.

6:45am Early for work so I sit in the garage and start to type this up on my phone.

6:56am Sigh, okay. I’ll head in now.

7:05am Grab my list of patients, see what floors I’m on today. PCU and 3A. (Intensive care step-down unit and the cardiac/stroke floor.)

7:08-7:52am Chart review while I enjoy my shake and coffee and a little quiet before the day starts.

8:00am I like to get out on the floors around 8. Most patients are up, have ordered or have already eaten breakfast, and the nurses have switched shifts and are caught up to speed.

8:01-12:30pm Run around all over the place, see my patients, write notes, chat with nurses, chat with other PTs, drink my bottle of water and fill it back up, realized that I’ve seen 10 patients before lunch! Let’s think about my patients today and see if I have any good stories to tell… One guy came in from prison and was shackled to the bed, that was a fun one. And my favorite was probably a patient I saw in the ICU last week who could barely sit up on the edge of the bed. I walked about 20 feet with her today (with maximal assistance), but I love seeing these neurological patients make gains!

12:35pm Head back over to the office. Do my billing. Grab my lunch and hang out with others, seeing if anyone needs help because I finished my list of people.

Lunch is: Chicken with chickpeas, sweet potatoes and kale. A greek yogurt with a few almonds.


And then there were Clif bars just sitting there, so I grabbed one and ate half. No picture taken, I felt guilty. I saved the second half for a pre-run snack after work.

1:15pm Head back on to the floor and see three more patients that I picked up from others. Two strokes and a woman with MS. Loving being on the Neuro floor.

3:20pm Finish up my last note, head back to the gym, write down my billing and clock out. Get me outta hereeeeee is what I’m typically thinking at this point.

3:36pm Head to my car and leave work.

3:40-4:10pm Drive down to the gym halfway between home and work. It’s the most convenient for the hospital that I am at right now.

4:15-4:52pm Get in a quick warm up, 3 mile run and cool down. I have a soccer game later so I just wanted to get in a little work out.

5:10-5:46pm Drive North on 95, snack on some veggies, hit some traffic, my phone’s dead so I’m annoyed. I really need to get a phone car charger. Finally get home.


5:50-6:04pm Start typing this up and catch up. Think about dinner and what I want to make…

6:06pm Start cooking up a turkey burger and some veggies. Nothing too heavy cause I have a game at 8:30. Snack on cherry tomatoes while everything cooks… I just love those things!


6:27pm Sit down to eat! Turkey burger with some guac and frozen veggies.


Simple, yet delicious and effective! I can’t eat anything too big before playing soccer or else I feel super sluggish.

6:38-7:45pm Veg out on the couch and dread having to go play soccer.

7:50pm Pat picks me up and we head to Manuyank.

8:30-9:20pm Soccer.

9:30-9:50pm Drive home. Think about how much I want a snack but don’t need one.

9:54pm Make tea instead! (Okay, and I grabbed a few carrots and a slice of turkey. I have no self control when runger hits.)

10:00pm Shower, then enjoy my tea in bed.

10:25pm Lights out and off to bed!

So there ya have it. My eats and a peek in to my day to day life lately. Happy Hump Day, y’all! One step closer to Friday!


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