My Week in Workouts

Here’s my first 21-Day Fix week of workouts!

Sunday 2/28: 8.2 miles speedy miles that felt ahhhhhh- mazing.


Splits: 9:54, 9:22, 9:34, 9:02, 9:39, 9:08, 8:21, 8:26, 8:07. It felt so good. I meant to just do about 7, but I’m still learning how far everything is around here and I ran a bit further away from home. No big deal, I just toned a down a bit the rest of the week.

Monday 2/29: I don’t even remember. I think it was a rest day.

Tuesday 3/1: 3 miles of sprint intervals on the treadmill. 27:15

Wednesday 3/2: 21 Day Fix Dirty Thirty video.

Thursday 3/3: 21 Day Fix Cardio video with 10 minute abs.

Friday 3/4: 5.3 miles on the treadmill (50:00 minutes). My calves haven’t been awesome so I decided to hit up the treadmill for a little easier ride. I felt terrible the first 2 miles but then loosened up and eased in to my stride for the last bit.

Saturday 3/5: Active rest… Walking a puppy, walking around the mall, then getting a puppy. It was an exhausting day.

Sunday 3/6: 5.09 miles in 49:27. Took it easier because: calves; and need new shoes.

So there ya have it! Two rest days, six solid work outs. A great start to my month focused on me and focused on getting healthy!

How did your week of workouts go?


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