That Time We Got A…

So this weekend was an exciting one. It started out with a relaxed Friday night. After a 5.3 mile run on the treadmill after work, I was exhausted once I got home; it had been a long week. The fix: some sleepy time tea, Creed on OnDemand, the couch and some cozy blankets. Lights out by 10:30 and you have my perfect Friday night – we get crazy in these parts, lately, I tell ya.

Saturday is when things got a little more… crazy.

It started out the way any typical Saturday would around here… Coffee. Pancakes. And more coffee.

I mixed up a batch of 21 Day Fix approved pancakes and OMG they were amazing. Ingredients: 1 banana, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of Old-Fashioned oats, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and 1/2 a scoop of Shakeology (for a little protein and excitement) – and a bit of almond milk to get things moving.

IMG_8498 IMG_8500

They turned out SO good! The mixture made 10 pancakes. You mean to tell me, I get to eat five pancakes and it’s only costing me one yellow, one purple and half a red fix containers? Win!

Soon after breakfast, we headed out to our typical Saturday morning task – walking a pup. Corrin volunteers at PAWS, which is a local shelter that has tons of cats and a few dogs that you can walk. We headed down to Old City and picked up Star… And Corrin fell in love…


After an hour spent with us walking around the city, I knew that Corrin wasn’t leaving PAWS without applying. And apply she did. Within the hour, she got the call. Star was hers if she wanted her.


It was exciting, it was quick, but it really happened! There’s a new member of the 116 family! Welcome, Stella Star! After our planned shopping trip to the mall (I really need a dress for my brother’s wedding, as well as a new bathing suit, and new running shoes,) we stopped at Home Goods and grabbed a few puppy needs – a doggy bed, some food/water bowls, some treats/toys, and a leash. Then we picked her up!

She has been great so far. We are still learning about her and she is still getting used to her new home, but she’s the sweetest little pup. She is a pit mix and about 9 months old. They found her abandoned a few weeks ago with a pretty bad injury; she currently has stitches on her side that will be coming out within the next few days. She sits so nicely was told to, hasn’t barked once, sleeps in her bed, and is learning that she’s not allowed on the couch. Be prepared for an overflow of Stella pics, because she’s the newest and more exciting thing happening right now in my life!

Saturday night was spent cheers-ing to our newest family member…

IMG_8527 IMG_8524

…And eating #alltheveggies because I hadn’t had a single veggie all day.


We threw on a random movie and sort of just hung out while Corrin did some research on puppies.

Sunday started the way that most Sundays should start – a long run. I woke up, had some coffee and ate a rice cake with banana and cinnamon..


Nut butter would have been really fantastic on that, by the way. Only a few more weeks sans PB – I gave it up for lent! After that all digested, I headed out for shorter long run. I’ve been really pushing my long runs lately and am need of new shoes still, so I took it a little easier this week. I ended up doing 5.1 miles – halfway up the Ben Franklin Bridge and back home. Sorry, no pics taken, it was cold and I couldn’t feel my hands. I plan on heading out today after work to a local running store, and I’m not leaving without a new pair!

The rest of Sunday was spent food prepping, hanging out with Stella, and mentally preparing to start up a new hospital today – the last and final hospital to orient to until I’m free to jump around as they need me!


On the menu this week for food prepped lunches:

Large kale/spinach salads with peppers and cucumbers, along with some shredded chicken that was prepped in the crock pot. Breakfasts will be shakes or eggs with zoodles all week. And dinner will be turkey meatballs with veggies, tilapia with veggies, or turkey burger with veggies. Nothing too crazy this week – kept it simple and plan on using up whatever I have in the fridge and freezer.

So there ya have it! The time that we got a dog.


One thought on “That Time We Got A…

  1. OMG!! what a cutie!!!! I always want to volunteer at an animal shelter, but i KNOW i will fall in love with at least 3 dogs every time!! and then my fiancé will not want to marry me anymore because I will have 25 dogs. hahaha 🙂

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