Day Off – Treatyoself

Yesterday I enjoyed my first flex day as a working woman. (We work one weekend shift about every 5 weeks and my first shift is this coming Saturday. So that we don’t get paid overtime, or have to work 6 days in a row, they schedule us a flex day somewhere in the same pay period as the weekend shift.) The weather was going to be beautiful and i had some big plans for the day, so let’s recap!

I woke up around 7:30 – which is sleeping in, in my opinion, how sad. And I casually allowed myself to wake up. No rush to get to work? Awesome! Step one of my #treatyoself day was a run!

I still wanted to break in my shoes a bit so I headed out on a very slow, easy shake out run. My legs were feeling very sore and I knew they would be worked later in the day so I took it easy to the bridge.


On my way back, I didn’t head straight back to home. I had other plans in mind, since it was #treatyoself day after all…


Step two: I made a pitstop at South Street Philly Bagels for a whole wheat everything bagel with veggie cream cheese – my favorite. These rainbow bagels were so cool – so I snapped a snapchat of them, obvs.

Once I had my breakfast in hand, I walked back home to enjoy it with some fresh coffee and the last 2 episodes of Love on Netflix. If you haven’t checked it out, it’s pretty good – the main character Gus I feel like portrays the awkwardness that lies inside all of us, he just puts it all out there all the time.

After a shower, I headed out for step number three of my #treatyoself day: a massage!


It was about a 2 mile walk to Rittenhouse to get to Phila Massage. Don’t laugh guys, but this was my first ever massage. Ever.


But with my training going so well, I thought that maybe a sports massage would be nice for my legs to loosen up a bit more. I had Amanda and she did a great job. I was relaxed, but also grimacing in pain at some points, which I know is what I needed! Whew, those adductors and medial hamstrings were painful.


I left feeling like I was walking on clouds. Everything felt so relaxed and loose – success!

Step four of my day was to head a few blocks north to Carlo’s Bakery to pick up a cupcake for our friend! Her birthday was last week, but Corrin and a few others weren’t around, so we planned to get together on her rooftop for takeout sushi and a belated birthday celebration – see below.


I picked her up an Oreo cupcake… And you didn’t really think I was going to leave without something for myself, did you? I mean, it’s #treatyoself day! I left with an unpictured oatmeal raisin cookie the size of my face that made it about 5 blocks before it was gone. It was worth every bite.


Once back home, I made myself a more substantial meal of broccoli and eggs. That should hold me over until dinner! (Edit: Or until I go to Target and get a bag of trail mix and eat half of it) I then headed to Target to grab a few things we need for tacos on Friday when Noel comes in to town!

To get the most out of the weather, I then headed down towards Penn’s Landing in search of a grassy area where I could sit/lay and read while soaking up some good ol’ vitamin D!

Check out my new tank from my best friend Chelsea! 🙂

I lasted a little over an hour before the sun started to dip a little lower and it got a bit breezy for my shorts and tank top. Back home I went to start typing this up and Netflix.

Once Corrin got home from work, we headed over to Kim’s for sushi on her rooftop!

This looks way better in person, by the way.

The sushi took forever to get there and we were insanely hangry by the time it arrived. I ate it so quickly but did have time to snap a quick pic.


I was not impressed, at all. The rolls were very small, usually 2 will make me a happy full and I was still starving after 2 rolls. Oh well, not ordering from there again! But it was a great end to the day.

How do you spend your days off during the week? 



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