Fix – Week 2 Workouts


Lifting sesh at the gym… I have a hard time coming up with a gym routine ahead of time so I usually just wing it. This usually means that I go in and do a full body superset until I feel like I’ve had enough. This day:

Superset 1: Dumbbell Russian deadlifts, single leg squat, tricep kick backs, squat with single arm dumbbell snatch

Superset 2: Upright row, bent over row, bicep curl, back extensions, and side lunges

Super random, but my hammys were definitely feeling those RDLs on Tuesday’s run.



It was 70 degrees outside and I had some new shoes to trial run! Headed out for a 3.3 miler. Nice and easy pace because my hamstrings were feeling rough after Monday.


Then I had a soccer game at 9:20 and ran around for an hour. Missing one girl = lots of running to make up for it, but we finally picked up a W!


Day off of work = all the walking and more running with my new shoes! The weather was perfection.

AM run to the bridge (5K)


Along with about a total of 5 miles walked to my massage and back, with some stops along the way.


Off! Much needed after my massage on Wednesday.


I was frustrated with the dog, because she got out of her crate and pooped on the floor and I wanted to kick her. So, I locked her in the guest room (for like 15 minutes until my roommate got home from work, I’m not THAT evil, guys) and went on a run. Ended up covering about 5 miles…



Off day… I worked all day Saturday, then had dinner with some college friends that were in town.


The best long run, ever.


Can we just talk about these splits, y’all?


Mile 1, unpictured, was 10:16, and mile 9 (.75) was 8:07. Total 8.75 miles average pace 9:06. I felt amazing. I had donuts for breakfast, and burgers and beers for dinner the night before… So I’m not sure where that came from but you guys, I am so ready for this 10 miler! I cannot wait to see what these legs do for me in this race.


And since I’m a day late, I’ll include last nights leg session at the gym. A squat rack was finally readily available when I needed one so I spent most of my time there, doing supersets of smaller exercises along with back squats, deadlifts and lunges with the bar. My legs were feeling it, for sure. Ended with some ab work and went for about a 1.5 mile walk later in the evening to the store.

Tonight, I have a double header for soccer. Our outdoor season starts up, but we still have about 3 weeks left of indoor. Whoops. 8:55 outdoor game followed by 11pm indoor game – the things I do for this sport.

Happy Tuesday, friends! One day closer to Friday 🙂


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