Week 3 “Workouts” and Food Prep

Had a bit of a bump in the road this week… This could be named, “The Week of Workouts that Weren’t”…


Like I mentioned last week, I had 2 soccer games that I played in Tuesday. And just like any adult soccer league, there’s always that one person on the other team that’s way too in to it and goes in hard in all tackles. I’m not that person. But that person so kindly came in a bit rough when I was trying to make a turn and… whoops, bye LCL.

Okay, it’s not gone. It’s just a grade 1 sprain, and as I type up this part on Thursday night, it’s improved, but is still not 100%. Stairs are terrible. And if I’m moving slowly (aka with 90% of my patients) it will twinge when I pivot weird on it.


10 minute beach body abs video. Corrin went on a long walk and asked me to join, but the less I’m on my knee right now, the better. So, rest day, with ice and NSAIDs.


Plans to go to the gym to do upper body, but then a going away happy hour happened and therefore, rest day. My knee could use the day off again, anyways. Lots of ice and NSAIDs throughout the day.


Upper body workout with abs at the gym. It felt good to at least get a strong lifting session in. I also did the recumbent bike for about 20 mins which felt okay. Not great, my knee was cracking and felt loose but I needed to get some sort of cardio in.


Saturday was a day of activities so I was walking around a lot – 14K steps on my FitBit. And I also laid on the floor and did some leg exercises for my LCL while Corrin changed out the outlets in our house – great landlord. Leg lifts, bridges, quad sets, clams, and some core work.


Another day of not much. As I write this up, my knee is feeling better. And as much as I want to test it out, I know that 1-2 more days of not running on it will only help; and more importantly won’t hurt my overall endurance. Continued intake of naproxen and icing throughout the day is the plan. Along with LCL rehab exercises, similar to Saturday.

I actually spent the morning researching how much taking a week off of running will effect my race. I’m in the best running shape of my life and have been so excited for this race – which is 2 weeks from today. After reading over some articles, I don’t think I should be effected too much. I was very fit and in a great place, with a solid few months of great running behind me, I don’t forsee this bump in the road effecting my run too much. My plan is to hold off on running until Wednesday and attempt a 5 miler. I’ll keep y’all posted, obviously.

Since this post included a lot of nothing, here’s my meal plan for the week and my food prep that I got done today!

First up, turkey meatballs!


This is one of my favorite things to make for lunches throughout the week. They’re so easy and so delicious! In this batch: onions, garlic, spinach and spices mixed with breadcrumbs, one egg, ground turkey – combine and form into balls – voila!


Next: Zoodles – another staple for lunches.

Then: Brown rice! I usually stay away from carbs for lunch and save it for dinner, but I wanted to try something new and have a move filling lunch.


And with that, I had lunches for the week: zoodles with brown rice and turkey meatballs with a tablespoon of tomato sauce!


Other prep: almonds portioned out with 2 prunes in each container, HB eggs boiled, and veggies chopped up and ready for snacks!


For breakfasts this week: eggs or shakes all week, per usual. (Still no PB until next Sunday, and oats just aren’t the same without it)

For dinners: I took some chili out of the freezer that I’ve been meaning to use up, I picked up some asparagus and other veggies at my weekly Aldi run today, and I have chicken and turkey burgers ready to grab from the freezer. I didn’t get much this week since I’m heading home Friday for the weekend for Easter, but I’m set for a healthy, on track week!

Only 3 weeks until bachelorette celebrations for one of my best friends in a warm, sunny destination, 6 weeks until a special visitor and 7 weeks until my brother’s wedding. Here we goooooo!


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