Someone Doesn’t Want Me To Run

If it isn’t one thing, I swear it’s another.

Today was going to be the day that I was going to test out my knee and do a run. I bought some kineseotape and was going to trial a technique to add a little extra support to the outside of my knee. It’s all I could think about the past few days because I am itching to get out there.

As I type this up, I am laid up in my bed under all the blankets.. it’s 70 degrees and gorgeous outside. I woke up this morning around 2am, then again at 3, 4, and 530. My stomach was crampy, achy, my body just hurt and I was not doing well. There were points when I wasn’t sure which end something was about to happen on. (TMI, you’re welcome)

I shouldn’t have even gone in to work, but unless I’m on my death bed, I don’t like to call out. I went in, attempted to see one patient, and things almost turned out for the worst inside that room. I had to get outta there.

I got sent home, where I proceeded to throw up the entire contents of my stomach, ugh. I hate throwing up. Now, about 5 hours after said incident and a solid 2.5 hour nap, I’m feeling better. But not 100%.

I’m really hoping this is just a 24 hour type bug that passes over. My mom told me to call out again tomorrow, which would be smart since I’ve eaten nothing today and whatever I did eat, I threw up.

So. Somewhere, someone does not want me to run. All I can think about is this race and how all of this will affect my amazing times with my training runs. But I know I need to focus on healing myself and becoming healthy first and foremost.

You’re welcome for all of the gory details. That’s what friends are for.


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