Thinking Out Loud

I like to post random thoughts and since I’ve been super MIA – here’s a Thinking Out Loud to catch you all up on life lately, and on some future happenings!


  • Let’s chat fitness! So as I mentioned previously, I’m officially signed up for my first full marathon. While it’s not until November, the Type A planner in me is already thinking ahead to training. I decided to tone my running down over the next few months and increase my strength training. So I’ve been doing just that! Here’s a peak a few of my workouts lately at the gym:

IMG_0243 IMG_0265

  • On top of the strength training at the gym, on days when I can’t make it to the gym I’ll squeeze in a 21-Day Fix workout video which always gets my muscles burning. I’ve also been keeping up 1-2 runs a week with at least one long run… This past Saturday I headed out for a planned 4 miler and ended up running about 8! My reasoning for the decrease in running is to let my running muscles get healthy before I kill them with marathon training.
  • Speaking of running, I just signed up for the Philly Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon to use as part of my training for the full! The mileage matches up pretty well with my training plan, so I figured why not get another race under my belt while I’m training.
  • Next week I’ll be headed down to Salisbury to celebrate Olivia’s Bridal shower! I can’t believe how quickly her wedding is coming up! I picked up my dress last week and it turns out that I don’t need any alterations – perfect! I think the dresses you try on are stretched out/weird fitting from everyone putting them on – at least that’s what I’m telling myself as to why this one fits perfect. 😉
  • I am now in outpatient at work and I’m slowly getting adjusted. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an outpatient orthopedic setting (read: over 2 years?), so it’s taking a bit of getting used to. I do really like that with my position, I am getting a little taste of many different types of PT. I’m maintaining my acute care (hospital) skills, while also up keeping my hands-on and critical thinking skills of outpatient. And soon enough I will be in homecare, and that’s a wholeeeeee other story.
  • One night last week I went a little crazy. I had had a rough day and decided I really needed some trail mix. And some beer. Cause sometimes, that’s just the cure for a bad day. So I skipped the gym – it was raining out anyways – hit the little convenient store on the corner, and hit the specialty beer place where I can make my own 6 pack. Don’t worry, I didn’t drink them all, I’m a lightweight. I only managed 2 before I was glassy eyed and half asleep, ha!


  • Philly is all about the festivals. Once the weather gets nice, there are honestly festivals and pop up beer gardens everywhere. This past weekend was no different. South Street, one of the go-t0 touristy streets a short walk from my house, had it’s annual festival. There were about 10 blocks blocked off and covered with beer stands, vendors, and restaurants promoting their food! We had no trouble making our way down there for some beers and good company. We even got to enjoy the Kentucky Derby outside with some beers and lots of friends. The best part? We were back home by 11pm. My kind of day!


  • I play on a soccer team and we have been consistently in different leagues now since I moved here. It’s always a good time and I love being able to get out and play the sport that I’ve loved for so long. I bring this up because we just won our league! Woo! MonSTARZ with the championship!


Anddddd I think that is all I’ve got you! I’m working this weekend which won’t be exciting and then have a full work week until I go to Salisbury for some bridal shower fun next weekend.

Happy Thursday! Tell me one fun fact about your week!


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