Every now and then, I get asked why I chose my career path as Physical Therapy.

Most of the time, I don’t really have a specific answer. I feel as if most people in my class would respond quickly, and with enthusiasm, that it is just what they were destined to do. For me, I just don’t see myself doing anything else.

My entire life, I have been surrounded by athletics. Whether it was one of my siblings games or one of my own, my life has revolved around sports.

When choosing a career path in high school (yes, our high school required us to choose a “pathway”), I immediately wanted to focus on Sports Medicine. It just kind of went from there and developed in to a desire to be in the Sports Medicine field.

When deciding on a college and what to major in, Exercise Science was the obvious choice. As I worked my way through undergrad I started to think about what to do post-graduation. After touring a local PT program’s facilities, I decided to to go for it. I took a year off and worked in a PT clinic, just to make sure that it is something that I want to do the rest of my life.

Getting in to Physical Therapy school was a huge accomplishment thus far in my life. It proved to me that hard work pays off and that when you set your mind to something, it just takes a little lot of work to accomplish it. While I know that the possibilities are almost endless as to where to focus my career after I get my degree (acute care, neurological rehab, home health, orthopedics, etc), I don’t really see myself straying too far from Orthopedics, just so I can stay somewhat close to athletes. Now as I am a few weeks from graduating

It’s funny because that couldn’t be more false, as I sit here, newly licensed. I do not see myself working in Orthopedics. I have been drawn to Acute care and mainly, Neuro rehab. I never thought I would say I loved Acute care, but having a great clinical in the setting changes your whole perspective. Who know where I will end up, but hospitals and neuro rehab are currently at the top of my list!

PT school was definitely the hardest thing that I have done so far in life. It pushed me to my limits, it made me second guess my decision, and it caused me so much stress. But, it also created so much excitement in my life and I met the most incredible people you could ever meet in your life. I can’t explain how grateful I am for the lifelong friendships that PT school brought me. It’s unbelievable the bond I have with some of the people in my class, and I know it’s something that will last a lifetime.

So, in summary, to answer the initial question: Physical Therapy just felt right to me, and I just don’t think I was meant to do anything else.


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